Private Session

Transformational Breath, Massage Therapy, Healing Sessions, Lomi Lomi

We offer private sessions in a variety of treatment modalities, all geared to support you on your journey. A private session is the perfect way to gift yourself with some one on one attention. These Private Sessions can help you learn Transformational Breath more deeply, relax and reward yourself with a soothing massage or Lomi Lomi session or support your healing and evolution with a healing session.


Consider us your Coaches on your journey. We have guided hundreds of breath sessions and thousands of relaxation sessions, so you are in good hands. Give yourself the gift of an Individual Session.


Individual Transformational Breath Session

When you first try Transformational Breath you may feel more comfortable with a one on one session to give you the individual attention and support for you to experience the full power of this incredible healing modality. Individual Sessions in Transformational Breath offer you a unique opportunity to have one on one attention. As you journey with your breath you are guided deeper inward by us, your Breath Coach.


Private Massage Therapy Session

Why not support your entire being with a Massage Therapy Session? Kristi has had a thriving massage therapy business for 23 years in Burlington and is now transitioning to working with clients thru the Be Free Center. You are in skilled hands when you experience a relaxing Massage with Kristi.

We tend to accumulate stress and tension in the body due to physical, mental or emotional pressures. With the support of a skilled Massage Therapist, these stresses melt away and the body becomes more flexible and spacious.


We also highly recommend Massage Therapy, Lomi Lomi or a Healing Session, while you are going thru personal transformation. They support the body in integrating the beautiful shifts in consciousness you are experiencing.