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Transformational Breath

What is Transformational Breath?

What is Transformational Breath?
Transformational Breath is a self empowered healing modality that can transform one’s life. Transformational Breath uses a dynamic and powerful breathing pattern to open the breath, oxygenate the cells and create a high vibration energy field. By opening and clearing the restrictions in the respiratory system we are able to bring in more breath with each inhale. More breath in our system means more oxygen for the cells and for them to function more efficiently, it also means more energy. As we breathe we breathe in prana or life force energy allowing us to have more energy and vitality in life. The breathing pattern we use in Transformational Breath creates a high vibration energy field, this energy field helps integrate unconscious patterns, energy blocks and past trauma. As we free up the energy stored in these unconscious patterns and energy blocks we have more energy to do the things we would like to do. As we open up the breath, integrate and free up the stuck energy in our bodies, we are open to being in deeper connection with Spirit. The three levels of Transformational Breath  (physical, mental/emotional, spiritual) allow us to breathe more fully, increase energy, and bring a sense of peace and love, ultimately giving access to higher levels of consciousness.




“I participated in a Transformational Breath® weekend April 2016. I have been doing this work for 22 years and it was my first time participating in a weekend in a very long time and my first at The Be Free Center.
What a beautiful, beautiful space!! Blake and Kristi are not only lovely, kind hearted welcoming hosts, but the facilitation is outstanding! I had a couple of huge break throughs within myself and I am grateful for all the love and support I received.”
with love and gratitude….Lorna
Lorna Tobin
Lorna Tobin

“I had been suffering from autoimmune illness and extreme fatigue that had been building up over the past few years and getting worse. I didn’t think I could do the entire workshop due to my health state, so I only signed up for Friday night and Saturday. After Saturday I felt I had been immersed in a meditation retreat for a week, I felt in the present moment, spacious and at one with everything. I was no longer struggling, seeing through the illusion, in a state of deep compassion for myself and others.”

Testimonial for Transformational Breath Katie K
Katie Kelley
Yoga Healing Arts

It is so beautiful that Kristi and Blake have dedicated their lives to sharing this amazing work with the folks in this community. Transformational Breath started making me feel calmer and more centered and balanced after the first session, and each week I go a little deeper. I actually experience true bliss. I look forward to Mondays now! I have tried so many other ways to tap into the divine that did not really work for me. This does. I am so grateful to these folks.

Debbie C.

“I recently attended a Transformational Breathing workshop with Blake and Kristi at the Be Free Center, and I must say it was one of the most well-held experiences I’ve ever attended. The care and of these two beautiful people, both during the breathing sessions and throughout the entire weekend, was absolutely superlative. The support, knowledge, amazing food(!), and warm caring presence of these two is a thing to behold. I highly recommend Blake, Kristi, and the Be Free Center for any workshops, retreats or classes. Don’t miss out on this experience. It’s amazing!”

Adam Turner
Adam Turner