True Freedom

Be Free Center

The Be Free Center is dedicated to True Freedom. In our county we often talk about Freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of religion are just a few. Freedom is a concept that we are willing to fight and even kill for. But what is True Freedom?
Over the years my own searching for freedom has lead down many paths. Initially I was looking for freedom from physically illness. As I grew healthier physically I gained awareness of mental and emotional limitation which lead me to a desire to have spiritual freedom. I discovered that True Freedom is internal not external. To try to fight and force the external world (the people and situations around us) to be different so that I could feel free is impossible. External freedom is a value to honor, but True Freedom is an experience that no external circumstance good or bad can change.
For we have seen in our own county even if we have the ideal or value of freedom there are many marginalized parts of our society who are not free. True Freedom comes from within. This freedom opens us deeply and allows us to be at peace even in the midst of chaos.

My own journey to freedom began with illness that began to manifest in my late teens. It progressed to a peak in my 20’s when I was on several drugs to try and control my symptoms with many side effects. As well as a long list from different doctors as to what I should and should not do. The largest catalyst form me was the recommendation of one d0ctor to not have children which was something I had a strong desire to do. So my journey began to find a different way, the path of hope. I began exploring many different forms of healing. Since science had failed me (and I had a BS in Mechanical Engineering, I had faith in science) and side effects of the drugs were possibly worse than the symptoms of my disease (although not life threatening) I was determined to find another way.
I began to search by asking Spirit to guide me. I followed my intuition and guidance and would go to bookstores (this was before the internet) and wait to see what books I was guided to read. I found a naturopathic doctor who would support my body from the base level – strengthening my fundamental building blocks of nutrition. The more I learned the more I wanted to learn.
What I discovered was that for me to heal and have True Freedom I needed to address all aspects of myself. I had begun my journey on the physical level but my internal guidance was showing me I needed to address the mental, emotional and spiritual levels as well if I was to become free from this illness. I now feel this True Freedom most of the time. I still occasionally have the physical symptoms of the disease that started my journey, but am free of any suffering it used to cause. I am grateful!
What we offer at the Be Free Center is a growing culmination of the modalities we have found to be the most transformative on all the four levels the physical, mental, emotional and the spiritual.
We are excited to support you on your journey to freedom. Freedom within!

When you have freedom within what happens in the external world influences what you do, but it does not determine how you feel or the amount of joy in your life.